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How is Prenatal Massage Different from Regular Massage?

Special care is taking to make sure that treatment is safe, once all contraindications are avoided the next step is to unsure a comfortable safe position, everybody is different to how quickly their 'baby bump' starts to appear. During the earlier stages (no later than 30 weeks) I do offer prone pregnancy pillows, which is often a nice relief off the hips. Afterwards, a sidelying positions with pillows is safest for mum and bubs.  Most common areas of treatment is upper back, Low back, hips, legs and feet from the muscular tension that builds from the postural shifts that occur to accommodate the growing baby.

What are the Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage helps alleviate the pain and discomfort, with the many changes the body under goes during pregnancy.   Massage during pregnancy will also help promote relaxation and deep breathing....and not to mention a well deserved break for mum.

 Increases circulation, reducing swelling in hands & legs
 Eases headaches, neck & shoulder pain
 Relieves sacroiliac pain
 Will help promote relaxation 
 Helps with hip and low back pain from the postural shifts in the pelvis